Milagres College offers three years Bachelor of Arts Degree Course from Mangalore University. A Bachelor of Arts (B.A., BA, A.B., or AB), from the Latin artium baccalaureus, is a Bachelor’s Degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, the sciences, or both (Wikipedia). The College has been offering this course since its inception in 1967. Thousands of students have successfully completed this course and are in different regions and countries in their different capacities. B.A course has been considered as one of the significant courses for career and personality development. The B.A students are exposed to the socio-economic and political situations of our country. The curriculum offered at B.A course enables students to appear for various competitive examinations. The B.A students develop skills of communication and the art of writing. There are many career opportunities for B.A graduates. They can begin their career as HR Advisors, Hospitality Industry Staff, Receptionists, Marketing, Field Assistants, Banking and Finance, BPO staff, journalists and media men, Teachers and Lecturers, Research Assistants, VJ’s , RJ’s and DJ’s, and many more.


Higher education options are wide for the B.A graduates. They can persue their masters degrees in Business Administration, M.A in various subjects, Mass Communication, Masters in Human Resource Development, Hotel, Tourism Management, Flight Attendants Courses, Cruise Hospitality Courses etc. They can also pursue courses like B.Ed, M.Ed and the like.


B.A Graduates are also eligible for various Government posts through the competitive examinations. They can appear for Defense Staff Selection Examinations, I.P.S, I.A.S, K.A.S, Banking and Insurance and many other public service examinations.


The following combination is offered for B.A Course at Milagres College.

1. Optional English, History, Economics.


The course syllabus is as prescribed by Mangalore University. The semester based scheme is followed with two semesters per academic year and semester examination at the end of each semester. The Degree is awarded by Mangalore University, Mangalore.


Milagres College gives individual attention to B.A students and assists them for their overall development. The college has an experienced faculty. The Humanities Department, as association of the departments of Political Science, History, Economics, Sociology, organizes various academic and extracurricular programmes for the B.A students. The regular activities of the B.A faculties are:
• Educational Tours 
• Seminars and Conferences
• Audio-visual programmes
• Project work
• Career Development Programmes
• Inter-class and intra-class competitions
• Student Support & Guidance.
• Field Visits (to museums, Farms, Factories, Government Institutions, Ancestral Houses, etc).