Milagres is known for its unique programmes and schemes for the overall development of its students and local community at large. Our programmes and activities are oriented towards the students and local community. This enables our institution to grow and achieve our Vision and Mission set by the founders of this college as well as the management.

Best Outgoing Student Award

The distinctive vision of the institution is to encourage the students to achieve their best and it is the priority too. The students who seek education in this institution are mostly from the village and shy in nature. To bring them to limelight is a great challenge. Still the institution takes up the challenge to mold shape the personality of the students.

Many steps are taken to encourage them. Lots of opportunities are created for the students to excel in their career.

Distinctively to encourage them with their all-round development Best outgoing award has been instituted by one of our alumni. The students are duly informed about this and are encouraged to participate in this race. This award is given not only to a student who excels in studies but also one who excels in co-curricular activities too. At the end of the year applications are invited by the final year students who are at the race for the award. The committee scrutinizes them and selects the best out going students and the awards are presented at a grand ceremony. This makes the students to apply themselves seriously to shape their all-round personality.


Vidyarthi Darbar

Vidyarthi Darbar in Milagres College, Kallianpur thrives for the holistic development of the students. It is a weekly programme, conducted on every Thursday, exclusively for the students. Each week of the month is dedicated to vivid concepts such as introducing Global, Glocal, and Local personalities who rendered the best in their field. Every fourth of Vidyarthi Darbar is set aside for the students, where they themselves discuss, debate and exhibit various talents concealed in them.


Value Education

To inculcate sound moral values in our students the college gives importance for value education. Every week value education classes of one hour duration are held for all the degree classes. The classes are held according to the syllabus prescribed by the college for each degree class.

Mid Day Meal Scheme

A noble project which has been taken up by the college two decades ago is providing midday meal to the deserving students with the help of donors. Generous donors, members of staff, Alumni and PTA members contribute toward this noble cause. The Midday Meal Scheme of our college has been successfully launched in the year 1996. This scheme was started for the poor and needy students where in free meals were provided for these students. However, when the number of student applicants increased for this Mid Day Meal Scheme it was decided to also provide subsidized meals to the students in addition to free meals for the poor and needy students on the basis of merit. Every year, a committee is formed with a convener and members to select the deserving students for this facility. Applications are given to the students to avail the facility. Committee constituted for the purpose goes through the applications and asks the students to appear before the interview committee. Students are selected on the basis of poverty, merit and the distance to the college to be commuted daily by the students.

Free Emergency Medical Facility for the Students

Milagres College has a Memorandum of Understanding with Goretti Hospital, Santhekatte for meeting the emergency medical needs of the students. When a situation arises the student is immediately rushed to Goretti Hospital wherein emergency medical treatment is provided.

Fee Concessions for the Students

Milagres College is situated in the rural area and the students come from poor and backward families. Many of the students are in need of financial assistance for continuing their education, especially women students. It is here where Milagres College provides a helping hand for these students. The Management has been generous enough to offer fee concession for the poor and deserving students. This academic year fee concession to the tune of Rs. 3,93,520/- has been offered to the students.

Financial Aid / Assistance to the Students

Financial aid / assistance to the students is offered through the philanthropic persons from their donations. The PTA, Alumni Association and other well – wishers of the college have been kind enough to sponsor an amount of Rs. 79,600/- towards financial aid for our students education.