The Church of Nossa Senhora de Milagres popularly called the Milagres Church; Kallianpur was founded in 1678 after a treaty between the Portuguese and Queen Chennamma, relict of Somashekara I of Bednore who ruled Kanara from 1671 to 1697. The informal school on the veranda of Milagres Church known as Bolkanve School at a time when there were no organized school in this area became a formal institution in 1887 at the hands of Rev. Fr. Albert D’Souza. It was recognized as St. Joseph’s Primary School by the year 1892. Rev. Fr. C. P. Gonsalves S.J. with the spontaneous support and co – operation of the people succeeded in starting Milagres Secondary School in 1913, which was upgraded into a High School in the same year. But the absence of an Institution of higher education in Kallianpur deprived the economically backward families of higher education.

St. Joseph’s Primary School, Kallianpur
Founder: Rev. Fr Albert D’Souza
Established in 1892

L. V. P. School
Founder: Kogga Rayappa Gauns
Established in 1926

Milagres High School, Kallianpur
First High School outside Taluk head quarters
Founder: Rev. Fr. Julian D’Souza
Established in 1931

Milagres Pre – University College, Kallianpur
Founder: Msgr. D. J. D’Souza
Established in 1967

Milagres English Primary School, Kallianpur.
Founder : Rev. Fr. G. L. Da Cruz
Established in 1979


Milagres English High School, Kallianpur
Founder: Rev. Fr William Gonsalves
Established in 1991