Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of document’s useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.



  • Library aims to be best among college libraries in the district.
  • Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty.
  • Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.



A Library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas. A Library is a heaven for a student, a teacher and of course for all those who are fond of reading even it be only just for the sake of reading. Library is the place where one can get unlimited stocks of books on any and every subject that may be of interest or need for an individual. A library is the place where one can spend hours of time fruitfully and filled with interest. One can learn so much by reading books authored by eminent writers and thus become knowledgeable.

Library and Information Centre, Milagres College came into being with the establishment of the college in June 1967. In the beginning days it is housed in the Ground Floor of the main building where the Room No. 103 and 104 are at present. In the year 1971 a spacious and well furnished new building was constructed, it was inaugurated on 19-12-1971 and it is name as Very Rev. Monsignor Denis Jerome D’Souza  Vijnana Mandira. In the year 2001-2002 the first Floor was constructed with the help of UGC Grants. Library has installed Easylib software during the 2007. The College has well equipped library with around 40242 books. Different section of Library has been computerized circulation section, catalogue, periodicals and acquisition section. Library follows Browne charging system and issues 4 books for students. Bar-Coding system has been introduced. List of newly purchased books are circulated among staff members to create awareness. New books and new book jackets are displayed once in a week to abreast with the latest happenings in various disciplines. Students are permitted to retain the books through Book Bank Scheme till the examination by collecting Rs.2/ as maintenance charge. Our library is open from 8.30 a.m. to 4.45 p. m. and it ensures the optimum use of the library resources.

Milagres Library and information Centre is in the campus with floor area of 6000 Sq. Ft, having total seating capacity of 200 students at a time. It has a document collection of 32227 volumes of reference books, textbooks. Library subscribes 12 daily, 71 journals of national and international reputat which cater to the needs of the students, staff and research fellows



  • Total collection of 40,260 volumes of books
  • Encyclopedia, handbooks, dictionaries, Project reports, bound volumes of periodicals
  • 12 Dailies and 84 Magazine / Journals include:
      • Indian Journal of Economics
      • Journal of Dharma
      • Social Science Gazetteer – Journal of the Indian Social Science Association (Bi – Annual)
      • Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
      • Indian Journal of Commerce
      • Economic and Political Weekly
      • Scientific American India
      • Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
      • National Geographic
      • The Journal of Indian Writing in English
      • Astronomy
      • Vikasini – The Journal of Women’s Empowerment
      • Time International Weekly



  • Library Automation: Library services are Computerized and automated. Books are issued / returned on bar coded ID card. Open Access System
  • Online Public Access Catalogue: Library collection of Books can be accessed through computer by criteria like title, author, keyword, accession number, publisher etc.
  • Book Bank Scheme: Under this scheme, a student can borrow a book and retain the same with him till the end of the each semester. Maximum of Rs.1.00 per book is collected towards the maintenance cost
  • Access to E-Resources: Library user can access more 97000 E-Books and 6000 E-Journals through INFLIBNET N-List Programme. Library has taken institutional membership with INFLIBNET Ahmadabad through which NLIST Electronic resources (6000+E-Journals (National & International Journals) and 31, 35,000+ E-books can be accessed.
  • Departmental Library: To assist teaching and reading, books are loaned to some of the departments for the departmental libraries. Students can also borrow books from the departmental libraries by contacting the heads of the departments concerned by fulfilling the necessary conditions.
  • Periodicals: The library subscribes 84 magazines / journals on various subjects to facilitate current reading. Back volumes of all important journals are bound and available for reference.
  • Internet Services: There is an internet centre in the library. The internet facility is provided to the staff and students free of cost. The students are allowed to browse and download various academic resources available on the net.
  • Newspaper Service: There is a separate newspaper section. Our library subscribes 13 newspapers
  • Circulation services: Membership of library is open to the Students and Staff of the College Students can issue 4 books at a time. Students can retain a book for 15 days. Books can be reissued if they are not in demand. If the book is not returned within the due date, a fine of Rs. 2.00 per day will be collected as overdue charges.
  • Newspaper clipping service: Displaying of newspaper clippings on the notice board periodically on various subjects including career & development announcements for the use of students and faculty.
  • Reference Services: The users are given guidance and assistance in searching the relevant information needed by them.
  • New Arrivals Display Service: Latest Books are displayed to draw the attention of the users to be aware of the latest publications.
  • Reprographic Service.
  • Old Question paper Service.
  • SDI Service
  • User Orientation



  • Orientation Programme: Orientation regarding the library procedures and the use of library is given to fresh students every year.
  • Services to the Alumni: Books will be issued to the alumni of the college under the ‘Deposit system’.
  • Best User Award: Best library user awards have been instituted in order to motivate the students to make the best use of the library.
  • Book Exhibition: Book exhibition is conducted in order to inculcate reading habits and to create awareness among the users about the holdings of the library.



  • A strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Mobiles are not permitted.
  • All books magazines and furniture must be handled with care.
  • Books lost, torn, defaced, marked or damaged in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower. Students are expected to examine the books issued to them and draw the attention of the Library staff if they are found damaged.



Library is kept open on all working days except general holidays. Working hours is as follows:

Regular Days      08.45 Hrs to 17.00 Hrs

Saturdays            08.45 Hrs to 13.30 Hrs



Phone:             0820 – 2580235




Post Graduation Library was started in the year 2009 with 108 number of  Books, 5 journals. Presently 2622 number of books and 20 journals, magazines. Apart from this daily newspaper, Bound volumes 100, Student dissertation copies 52 and informative compact discs 82 are available in the library. Along with this free WIFI and 5 computers with internet facilities provided to the Post Graduate students in the library. Presently Post Graduation library is Open Access to the students where students are independent to refer the books and per student allowed to take 3books, during exam time they are allowed to take 5 books. The librarian is also incharge of students scholarships. The information about different scholarships is communicated to the students through notice and library notice board. To help the students, to update their information a separate paper cutting manual is kept with new information about Health, various articles, technology, investments, finance and marketing etc. Structured seating arrangements are done and silence is maintained in the library. So that students can read and refer peacefully. Another strong factor of Post Graduation library is every year Librarian conducts Orientation on Library to the students, which includes rules and regulations, facilities available in the library.


Post Graduation Library Timings are as follows:

Monday – Friday => 08.30 am to 04.30 pm

Saturday              => 08.30 am to 01:00 pm