2018 – 2019

Mr Sandeep Shetty                                                                       Convenor
Mrs Radhika Patkar                                                                      Member
Mr Nithyananda Shetty                                                                Member
Mr Nagaraj                                                                                    Member
Mr Karthik Nayak                                                                         Member
Mr Pradeep J. Moras                                                                    Member
Mr Nikhil Rahul D’Souza                                                             Member
Mrs Sheril Vigiliya                                                                        Member
Mrs Sushma Dias                                                                         Member


21 Feb 2019: interactive session with L/Nk Krishnappa

Vidyarthi Darbar of the college witnessed a memorable interactive session with L/Nk Krishnappa, one of the brave soldiers of Indian Army. “It took my blood and sweat to succeed in my life. I’m very proud and happy about it today,” said  L/NkKrishnappa during the interactive session. He was the only child to his parents, who migrated from the North Karnataka to the Coastal Karnataka in search of a job. During his childhood days, he lived in tents on the sides of the roads. “My parents dreamt that their son should reach the heights. My passion towards the defence services made my parent’s dream fulfilled.” “Today we are in need of more patriotic parents who encourage their children to join defence services,” he added. The program was organized by the team members of Vidhyarthi Darbar. Roshni of II BCOM A, Rashmitha of II BCOM B, Oliver of I BCOM B conducted the interview. Inchara of I BCOM B  compered the program.







31 Jan 2019: An interactive session with DYSP B P Dinesh Kumar

Milagres College, Kallianpur, in association with Vidyarthi Darbar organized an enriching interactive session with DYSP, B P Dinesh Kumar, enlightened the students of the college. He shared his experience as a police officer. He was the member of Lokayukta and worked in Anti Naxal Force. “Police takes a coveted role in maintaining law and order in the society. The citizens have to be co- operative with the police system in order to have a smooth functioning”, said Mr Dinesh. “It is the responsibility of every citizen to inform the police whenever there is a conflict or crime and they should not take the action by themselves”, he added.  He briefed about The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

“Wearing  helmet is must to save our life”,  he said while answering to the question raised by the audience. Police are “people friendly” and they expect people to be “police friendly”. And thereby we can have the crimeless society- said DYSP at the end of the session. The team members of Vidyarthi Darbar-Raina of II BCOM A, Melisha of II BCOM B and Sunny Antony of I BCOM A conducted the interview. Amreen of III BCOM B welcomed and compered the programme.


19 September 2018: An interactive session with Transgenders

Milagres College, Kallianpur, in association with Vidyarthi Darbar organized an enriching interactive session with Transgender activists. Ms. R.J. Kajol, an actor and activist hails from Brahmavar, along with Ramya and Bindu, being the transgenders for decades, enlightened the students of the college, with the life stories of theirs. “From being isolated and denied opportunities they are forced to stay away from family, education, job, etc.  Disowned by the institutions of the society has driven many of the transgenders to begging and prostitution,” said R.J. Kajol. “The social stigma attached to the LGBT community is the disaster to the bias-free world. Youth must spread the awareness amongst the people to treat LGBT community with respect,” she added. “Responsible citizens of this country need to set aside the stereotypes they have upon LGBT community in order to be considered as cultured,” said Ms. Ramya, a transgender activist, while answering to a question raised by the audience. Numerous questions were asked by the students during the interactive session. The session had thrown light on the misconceptions exist amongst the people about LGBT community, misery of transgenders’ life, etc. Ms. Kajol, was honored for her achievement in spite of being the transgender. Sowparnika of II MSW, and Sowmya of II MCOM conducted the interview. Mrs. Ashwitha Shalet D’Souza, Department of Post-Graduation in Social Work compered the programme.








03 August 2018: An interaction session with Dr Subramanya

Second segment of Vidhyarthi Darbar-2018, was an interactive session with Dr Subramanya, a visually challenged Professor from Koteshwara. Dr Subramanya turned out to be visually challenged in the age of 9. His disability to see had never let him down. He continued his education with the help of friends, teachers and available technology and could finish his Doctoral Degree in Economics. Currently he is working as an Assistant Professor in Economics at Government First Grade College, Koteshwara. During the interaction he said, “There is nothing impossible if one is driven by the utmost will power to excel in his field”. “Disability is for the body, not for the soul”, quoted Dr Subramanya. The team members of Vidyarthi Darbar-Amreen of III BCOM B, Nithesh of III BCA, Sharanya Shetty of II BCA, led the interaction on the dias. Mr Ampar Nityananda Shetty presented the introductory note and Mr Sandeep Shetty compeered the programme.


2017 – 2018

03 March 2018: ‘Kaathala Hadu’

Milagres College, Kallianpur witnessed a unique programme titled ‘Kattala Haadu’ organized by Vidyarthi Darbar in association with PG Department of Social Work. ‘Kattala Haadu’, an event of musical evening, amidst the very few lit lamps, consisted the songs of social concern. Nada Maninalkuru hails from Bantwal, is a social activist and a singer, sang the songs of hope, exploitation on women, Devadasi System, Communalism, Destruction of nature, etc. “Darkness lightens the inner self, One finds his/her ‘self’ are answered in darkness”, he said. The students and delegates were taken to the state of  tranquillity  by the melody and meaning of the songs. The rhythm of a string based instrument called ‘Tamboori’ by Mr Nada, and smooth beats of ‘Dholak’ by Sudarshana Acharya, filled the silence to the atmosphere. Dr. Gerald Pinto retired Principal, Prof. Cyril Mathias, Dr Vincent Alva, Principal, Fr Lancy, Mr Srikanth Prabhu, Staff members, team members of Vidyarthi Darbar were present. Mr Vignesh Holla, Dept. of Social Work welcomed the gathering and Mr Sandeep Shetty, Dept. of English rendered the vote of thanks.








02 February 2018: Voice of an Author

First segment of Vidhyarthi Darbar-2018, was an interactive session with an International novelist, Mrs Renita D’Silva, from England. Mrs Renita D’Silva, hails from Kallianpur, authored 06 novels so far and the 07th one is yet to release. During the interaction she said, “Literature is intimate slice of soul, one can derive the source for a literary text from an incident of one’s everyday life.” “Reading takes you to a different world, one can attain the fullest joy of life by the extensive reading,” she added. In response to a question raised by the students Mrs D’Silva said, it was her mother who motivated to develop the habit of reading. The discussion was initiated by Prof. Harinakshi, Department of Kannada. Rencita, I B.Com. A. compered the programme.








22 September 2017: Know Yourself

The fourth segment of Vidyarthi Darbar ‘Know Yourself’ was conducted. Mr. Nithish, II B.C.A., Ms. Sushmitha, III B.Sc. and Ms. Amreen, II B.Com spoke about the usefulness of Vidyarthi Darbar. There was an evaluation session on the past 3 segments of Vidyarthi Darbar. The student leaders gave some useful suggestions for the improvement of upcoming sessions.








21 September 2017: Know Local

The third segment of Vidyarthi Darbar, a unique event took place in the college Quadrangle. Successful entrepreneurs and founders of Nissy Infinity Pvt. Ltd., and also the proud alumni of the college Mr. Macquin Monteiro and Mr. Joyan John Lewis, took part in the interaction session. To start up a business all that is required is the potentiality to do something unique, and monetary factors are secondary they said. They recollected their memories of initial days, how they started their firm with just Rs. 40,000/- as seed money. Ms. Nirmala, II B.Sc interviewed the resource persons about the various aspects of business life being lead by the young entrepreneurs. It was a cherishing moment for all the students to listen about the young entrepreneurs and their student life and other issues related to their life.








07 September 2017: Know Glocal

Mr. Walter Nandalike, founder of Daijiworld Media Networks was the special guest for the interactive session titled Vidyarthi Darbar – ‘Knowing the Glocal’. Mr. Nandalike, while having the interaction with interviewer Ms. Sushmitha, II B.Sc. and other students, recalled the success story of Daijiworld.com. He also spoke about the various challenges Indian Mass Media faces in the present scenario.



31 August 2017: Go Global

The first segment of Vidyarthi Darbar ‘Knowing the Global’, was all about getting to know Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Mr. Nithish, II B.C.A., Mr. Rahul Shenoy, III B.Com and Ms. Tanzima, III B.Com briefed the biography of Dr. Kalam. Documentaries and recorded speeches of Abdul Kalam were screened during the session.