• Imparting quality education to the rural poor students of Kallianpur and the neighbouring villages, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • Preferential option for the members of minority Christian community and women students.
  • Encouragement to sports, games, cultural and aesthetic activities.
  • Development of the latent talents of the students.
  • Building healthy and happy relationships between the staff, students and the society.



To strive for academic and human excellence among the students and thus attain the integral development of their personalities.



  • To form the rural students into responsible citizens
  • Foster leadership in service and social responsibilities
  • Develop social concern, especially for the poor and the needy
  • Form the character of the students with sound moral values
  • Foster critical thinking, creative ability and intellectual excellence
  • Encourage the intellectual, physical, aesthetic and spiritual development of the students
  • Foster the integral growth of the personalities of the students



  • Impart knowledge, expertise, guidance and positive motivation to the students
  • Help the slow – learners and encourage the advanced learners
  • Impart Value – Education to develop moral uprightness
  • Develop self – confidence in the students to face life
  • Promote gentlemanly and lady – like conduct and behaviour
  • Foster sensitivity to the needs of the down – trodden and under – privileged
  • Bring forth competent and qualified graduates for suitable job-placements.